G.S. Jaggi

G.S. Jaggi received his MBA from The University of Texas at Austin before co-founding and serving as the only President and CEO of First Magnus Financial Corporation. The largest privately held residential mortgage bank in the country, this mortgage originator grew from a two-employee, Tucson-based firm to a 6,500-employee, nationwide firm originating $30 billion per year in new mortgages before the great recession compressed the industry. Jaggi originates equity funds from private individuals and trusts through Iridius Capital LLC.

An active multifamily real estate investor and financier, he has been involved in origination and subsequent execution of the luxury rental home neighborhood product. He has a keen awareness of the residential financing industry from both the consumer and capital perspectives.

Jaggi brings 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and a successful track record in each of Iridius Capital’s investment domains. He also was a founder of Trinity Partners, Inc., a business process outsourcing company that was sold to WNS Ltd. (NYSE: WNS). Over the past 10 years, he has raised well over $100 million for various investment projects, with over $100 million raised in the real estate sector.