Marc Sandroff

Marc Sandroff has 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneurial executive, management consultant, private equity and real estate investor. An organization builder with keen management skills and insights, he has worked with or led more than 80 companies as a principal, almost all of which confronted significant change. Some of these companies were on the path to important revenue growth, while others were under-performers. Many of these experienced rapid growth, dominated their markets and were successfully sold to major corporate entities or completed their initial public stock offerings and become publicly traded entities.

With Sandroff’s knowledge of the capital markets and how value is created and realized, his skill has benefited numerous financial institutions including major banks and private equity firms. He has raised well over $1.5 billion in riskcapital for entrepreneurial ventures in which he has participated. A practical business leader, he recognizes the need to develop common-sense strategies, then join or lead the team responsible for implementing them.

He has worked in a variety of diverse business situations. Consequently, he has a keen appreciation for matching management skills to the challenges of a specific business and industry, and for working in partnership with his clients.